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Wage Subsidy

Wage Subsidy Service for Job Seekers

Wage Subsidy Service is part of the Employment Program of BC. It is intended to assist you to enhance your skills, gain valuable work experience, and secure long-term employment. Our primary goal is to assist eligible clients in the pursuit of appropriate, sustainable employment. The program provides employers the opportunity to hire a new employee and spend quality time with new skill development.

Are you eligible for a Wage Subsidy?

All persons applying for the Wage Subsidy Service must have a connection with Employment Insurance (EI) and be unemployed or working fewer than 20 hours a week.

You are eligible if you have:

  • Collected EI benefits within the last 5 years
  • Collected EI benefits within the last 5 years due to maternity/parental leave.


  • Applicants must be ready and willing to work and require work experience or skills enrichment to become productive in the workplace
  • Applicants must reside within the Powell River Region

How To Apply

Contact Career Link, 604-485-7958, to set up an appointment with an employment counsellor. Please remember to bring your Social Insurance Number with you as Career Link will need it to confirm your eligibility.


Once you have met with a Career Link employment counsellor and discussed if a Wage Subsidy would be appropriate for you, s/he will guide you through the following process:

  1. You and your employment counsellor will develop an Action Plan, including your employment preferences, strengths, goals, and commitment.
  2. Your employment counsellor will check your eligibility for the Wage Subsidy Service and, if you are eligible, provide you with a letter of eligibility to effectively promote yourself and the program to potential, suitable employers.

What to expect once you are hired:

  1. It is your responsibility to negotiate wages and a start date with the Employer
  2. It is the Employer’s responsibility to contact Career Link and have the appropriate paperwork submitted and signed BEFORE you start your first day of work.
  3. A training schedule will be created by the Employer outlining all the tasks and skills you will be learning during the training period.
  4. The Career Link Wage Subsidy Coordinator will make arrangements to monitor your progress throughout the wage-subsidy agreement. This will include a mid-contract and end-of-contract monitor which consists of a few brief questions.
  5. Throughout the duration of the wage-subsidy agreement, you will be a regular employee of the employer’s company, paid directly by that company.

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