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Boost Your Career - Learn a Second Language

By Melany Hallam
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Boost Your Career - Learn a Second Language
by Melany Hallam

February is often the time of year that Canadians are thinking of taking a much-needed break from winter by flying off to a warm country-preferably with a beach. I've travelled to Mexico many times and have always found that knowing some Spanish can be helpful, both in practical ways and in getting a better feel for the country and its people. Similarly, knowing another language can be of great benefit to you at work.

You may think that the benefits of a second language would never apply to you, living and working here in Powell River. But think about it a bit more and you may be surprised at what you discover. For example, what if:

Powell River isn't isolated from the international community-far from it. There are lots of ways that speaking a language other than English or French can boost your career or your business, such as:

I'm not fluent in any other languages, but I do know some French and Spanish. I've travelled to Japan and Greece knowing absolutely nothing of the language at all-not even the alphabet. These experiences have left me with a great appreciation and respect for people who have successfully immigrated to Canada knowing no English or French. I can only imagine the difficulty they've experienced in finding work here-and the benefit to them of knowing even a little bit of English. For a Powell Riverite wanting to work abroad, a person could learn a lot (language-wise) from the experience of people relocating here from another country.

To get you started on learning another language, here are some resources and tips to help you right now:

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